Linda Goudeau

Principal | Director

Goudeau Accelerated Preparatory Academy (G.A.P. Academy) is a unique school dedicated to providing an accelerated educational program of exceptional quality, in an environment which nourishes each child’s self-esteem and develops values and skills needed to excel as students, while instilling Christian values.  We believe in the potential of each child to learn as we provide them opportunities to engage in continuous progress.  We welcome the diversity among our students as positive contributions to learning and personal development of all members of our school.

Goudeau Accelerated Preparatory Academy ( G.A.P. Academy) will provide a learning environment where:

    •    Children are enthusiastic about learning.

    •    The school holds high expectations and standards of excellence for students, faculty and staff.

    •    A loving and caring Christian environment exists and individual personalities can develop.

    •    The school maintains the highest academic standards in programs and teaching for each level of instruction.

    •    Appropriate attention is given to the intellectual, emotional, social, physical, religious and moral development of children in a balanced program.

    •    Children of all creeds, races and ethnic groups work together and learn from each other.

    •    Parents are partners with the school in the educational process.


    •    A low student to teacher ratio

    •    Superior development programs    

    •    extraordinary teachers

    •    high-level curriculum

    •    small class sizes

Three Qualities We Stand For

    1    Goudeau Accelerated Preparatory Academy (G.A.P. Academy) is an educational environment that reflects Christian Faith.

    2    Intellectual growth is developed, enabling our students to reach their academic potential.

    3    Creative thinking is nurtured, enabling our students to see outside the box.


Goudeau Accelerated Preparatory Academy is recognized as a national accredited school through National Private School Accreditation and a member of Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI).
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